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How To Create Potent Explainer Videos That Convert Like Crazy

It’s 2018 and internet traffic is dominated by video consumption. It’s now more than ever that people want to see evidence of action. • Video feeds information quicker and • Is easier-on-the-eye; And so, in this modern world of screens of which you cannot escape, to get the message across about your business it is […]
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10 Practical Tips to Inspire Content Conversion

When it comes to content marketing, you need to balance between managing “content” and “marketing”. It’s similar to walking on a tightrope because leaning too much on one side means that the other side will be neglected in the process. Generally, content marketing should be subtle because any direct reference to selling often turns off […]
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Promotional Video Production as the Leading Marketing Strategy

Sales video is starting to become the primary essential tool of marketing strategy. It’s efficient, fast and engaging compared to an article that is sometimes boring and non-informative. Different industry is now utilising the power of corporate video production to boost their sales, presence and credibility. It also serves as an ideal way to get […]
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How Animated Explainer Videos Improve Conversion Rates

Businesses have lots of tools they can use to improve their conversion rates. A well-designed website can provide a good first impression to visitors. And most websites also have high-quality content that can convey what they want to say to their target market. While all these can increase conversion rates, and the numbers can still […]
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Why Your Business Should Use Animated Explainer Videos?

One of the factors that Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers is the time visitors stay on a website. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of websites now feature online videos, such as animated explainer videos.   Animated videos for business have increased in popularity over the past couple of years because they […]
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